About Us

Seamundo - Entretainment, informational Website

Seamundo is an entretainment site, created in 2007 as an art promoter and to provide some offers from third party vendors.  Since then, it has provided information about local art and artists, like writers, poets and photographers from the area of Boston, New York, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. It has provided art events and art display from local artists. Since the time of its opening, many changes have been made and the art display from local artists have been removed from the site to open new opportunities. Third party vendors are still open and ready to give you huge discounts.

Innovation Matters

 We invite you to be part of this new innovation system and bring up your comments or suggestions for better serving local artists in surrounding areas. Or to give us opportunities to partnership with you.

Our Mission

Seamundo's mission is to continue bringing information related to art and provide informative sites, as well as some coupons and discounts for your upcoming vacations, trips or events.

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